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Full Service Automotive and Heavy-Duty Diesel Truck and Trailer Repair Facility
What We Service

Truck air conditioning repair Tacoma

Truck brake service Tacoma

Alpha Fleet Service is the truck repair shop opened in Milton WA in 2008. We, car repair Seattle, still proudly serve the Greater Seattle area community today. We are excited to be the best and able to service more of our fleet customers’ needs such as truck air conditioning repair Tacoma, chassis repair Milton and others.

Modern trucks must meet stringent requirements, for it is not enough not to break, they must be reliable, secure, economical and comfortable. Absolutely all trucks have their weaknesses. The importance of the timely inspection or repair is not only that the problem does not catch you on the way. Drivers often think that minor injuries can wait and not go to the truck brake service Tacoma, forgetting that one, even small damage leads to another, and perhaps more seriously. In this case repair can cost more expensive – do not neglect the «health» of your four-wheeled friend.

Aluminum welding trucks Tacoma

Chassis repair Tacoma

Alpha Fleet Service offers better prices, faster turnaround time, higher quality repairs, and far superior customer service than the dealerships. Our highly trained and ASE–certified technicians are dedicated and friendly, and our service writers will always greet you with a smile.Our customers appreciate all our service specially chassis repair Tacoma.

If your car has some problems with its body, our company can provide you such service as welding trucks Tacoma.

Our goal is to be the best aluminum welding Tacoma in the state of NM. To operate at the highest possible peak efficiency, and to provide the best customer service available, with the best quality repairs possible. To do this, we provide an honest, organized, and efficient work environment with people who are dedicated to excellence and integrity.

Many of our crew have worked at the dealerships and know the mistakes that dealerships make in regards to customer service. Why take your vehicle to the dealership when we can take care of all your fleet vehicle’s needs, with the best customer care?