Truck wash Seattle, Tacoma

  Alpha Fleet Service provides wide range of washing services for trucks, trailers and semitrailers. All works are carried on modern equipment using high-tech tools. The company's employees are highly skilled and regularly pass customized training that enables us to guarantee high quality of services.


Truck wash Seattle

The specialized truck and trailer wash out Tacoma

   The specialized washing for trucks and trailers – is a convenient and advantageous service. Everyone can take advantage of it. The washing complex allows cleaning for:

  - truck tractors;

  - dump trucks;

  - special equipment;

  - semitrailers and trailers;

  - wheels.


   This is just a small list of work that we perform. The whole process of trailer wash out Tacoma goes up the control. Truck washing is carried out in a contactless manner by using a high-tech foamy formulation, which allows washing stubborn dirt (frames, body, axles, suspension components, etc.). To clean the paint booths, special gentle foam is used. Due to the large area the washing complex enables to cater simultaneous for two trucks or trailers.

   Irrespective of complexity of work, we will comply with any request. The territory for truck wash Tacoma is equipped with a special balcony, which allows unhindered cab roof cleaning trailers and semi-trailers. Washing of trucks is performed using high pressure washers. Heating of water in the buffer tank considerably increases the quality of washing. For washing heavily contaminated trucks is used foam generator.

   Chemical cleaning of interior is performed with powerful twin-turbo universal vacuum cleaner. A comprehensive truck wash seattle takes you less than half a break. Interior cleaning takes less than an hour, at the same time is carried out washing the wheels. Additionally we do disinfection that carried out within the department for the goods transportation. Similar services are carried out for other types of trucks.

Reefer wash out near by me

Reefer wash out near by me

   An open round-the-clock reefer washing – is accessible at any time washing for all truck drivers. Besides the above services, we are also engaged in reefer wash out near by me. You can clean the container up from spoiled food and get rid of unpleasant odors. We offer the following services in our center:

  - full washing of containers;

  - a sanitary, anti-bacterial machining inside the semitrailer/refrigerator;

  - dry-cleaning.


   After these working, you can easily transport other foodstuffs. Therefore, if you are the owner of dimensional transport, you are making several daily trips, offer our services for cleaning and disinfection. Besides semi truck wash near by me, we do diagnostics of trucks and troubleshooting. See the list of services on our website.