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Service and cleaning diesel exhaust filter (DEF) system in Tacoma

Service DEF system, problems, cleaning

   It is not a secret that the environmental problem is a critical issue nowadays. Luckily, the humanity is already aware about it and tries its best to decrease air pollution by dealing with exhaust fumes. The biggest amount of these harmful substances is emitted by vehicles, and considering the number of cars in America, there is a reason to worry. Alpha Fleet Service is really concerned about this problems and has taken the necessary measures to find the solution for the amount of exhaust fumes. This solution is called DEF – diesel exhaust fluid.

   The main task of this substance is to reduce the amount of NOx concentration during the diesel engine functioning. Consisting of deionized water and urea, DEF helps trucks decrease their emissions. There are a lot of companies that tell they are specialized in service DEF system, however, Alpha Fleet has a great experience to work with the unique experts who are ready to make you vehicle as environmentally friendly as possible.

   In order to avoid DEF system problems, it is recommended to ask for professional aid in the companies who are used to work in this sphere. Our technicians will install and instruct you how to use and maintain the correct functioning of DEF system. In case you already have the system operating, but you didn’t cleaning your diesel exhaust filter (DEF) system for a long time, you are still welcome to use our diesel exhaust filter cleaning service Tacoma.

DEF system repair and replacement

DEF for trucks, repair, replacement

   We provide DEF for trucks of the highest quality and, together with the correct adjustments, prevent it from freezing in cold weather as well as getting spoiled during hot periods of season. Our DEF storage is equipped according to the latest standards, being a cool, well-ventilated and dry place without the direct sunlight.

   We all know that it is impossible for a pedestrian person to contribute greatly to the environmental protection. That is why it is essential to do everything possible to stop the air pollution. You will make an amazing impact in the protection of nature if you start using diesel exhaust fluid service that is provided by Alpha Fleet in Tacoma.

Service DEF System

   Therefore, if you have decided to use DEF system truck, and have no ideas what workshop to visit in future, you should have no doubts, but to ask Alpha Fleet Service for help. Our experts are always ready to help your truck reduce the amount of exhaust emissions. If you are near our location – do not hesitate to visit our workshop in the nearest time, and if you are stuck in the middle of nowhere, just call us and we will do everything possible to help you, because Alpha Fleet Service is what your car really needs.


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