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Full Service Automotive and Heavy-Duty Diesel Truck and Trailer Repair Facility

Trailer Service in Tacoma

Trailer Service in Tacoma

If you are a trailer owner you have to know, that to keep a trailer in a good condition you should visit trailer service at least once per year. That is why Alpha Fleet Service provide this option for its customers. Our workshop will help you to keep your trailer in good condition what ensures you in safety while driving.

We understand that police could stop you at any time and check the roadworthiness, and our target is to guarantee you reliable service. We are really happy to support you in avoiding problems with police and to keep your trailer in good condition.

By choosing Alpha Fleet Service you will get a high quality service withour well-skilled stuff in our workshop.

We can deal with all types of servicing and repair needs of our customers, because we have a lot of experience in servicing trucks and trailers. To book an appointment visit our appointment page or simply call us 253-231-5500.

To benefit from our service you need to try it once. We guarantee that you will not come back earlier than the tiefor regular service come. Therefore, we enable you to keep the trailer in appropriate and safe condition.

Our service is created to make your life much easier by providing professional services that you are looking for. Our professional team always offers you valuable advices on any type of maintenance and the right time for it.