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Full Service Automotive and Heavy-Duty Diesel Truck and Trailer Repair Facility

Trailer Repair Seattle

Our company «Alpha Fleet Service»is engaged in truck repair and service for the medium-low and flexible prices. «Alpha Fleet Service» carries out repair of virtually all trucks and trailer repair Seattle.

Timely and qualitative repair of trucks trailer allows to carry different kinds of goods smoothly. Therefore it is very important to monitor the technical condition of your trailer. Our company carries out the following activities on repair and maintenance of trailers:

  • repair of the chassis trailer;
  • installing of brake and non brake axles;
  • adjustment of the braking system;
  • replacement of wiring electroplaits;
  • an extra lighting;
  • other types of works of trailer repair Seattle.

The presence of the following events may serve as signs of trouble:

  • The loss of longitudinal stability of the semitrailer;
  • Unilateral withdrawal motion;
  • Specific squeaks and noises in the shaft when turning;
  • Irregularities in the braking system.

The presence of significant vertical oscillations of the trailer while traveling in an unloaded condition, suggesting the need for the repair of undercarriage, suspension or replacement shock absorbers trucks.

Finding these signs you should be sure to ask for ascertaining the causes of failure and to resolve it in our truck service, which is carried out complex repair of trucks and their units, trailers and semi-trailers, as is sometimes the cause of the fault may lie directly in the trailer.

Semi trailers are widely used in construction and industry. Due to the diagnosis and repair of semi trailers they restore their maximum capacity. We offer the following range of services in repairing semi-trailers:

  • implementation of mechanical works for semi-trailers;
  • suspension repairs of semi-trailers;
  • repair of reefer, tanki;
  • redecorating body of a semi-trailer;
  • repair of brake discs and drums of semitrailers.

On request, our truck service makes anti-corrosion treatment of the body. In this case, repair of trailers is capable of restoring its original appearance.