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Full Service Automotive and Heavy-Duty Diesel Truck and Trailer Repair Facility

   Alpha Fleet Service Preventive Maintenance Program is one of the best in Tacoma/Seattle region. If you are interested in it feel free to call us 253-231-5500.


   All truck fleets need to maintain their vehicles and equipment in order to provide safe, efficient and reliable performance.


   The best way to achieve this is with a preventive maintenance (PM) program that consists of scheduled servicing, inspections and vehicle repairs. Such a program will help you to:


- Promote vehicle reliability by preventing potential problems.

- Maximize fleet uptime by decreasing downtime due to breakdowns.

- Lower operating costs by reducing the number of road calls and the high cost of unplanned maintenance.

- Ensure operational and operator safety, which helps with driver morale because when vehicles are kept in top condition, drivers are more likely to handle the equipment with care.

- Increase resale value.

- Enhance the fleet’s/company’s image with clean, well-maintained vehicles.


   Furthermore, breakdowns from lack of PM tend to occur when least expected and possibly when the vehicle is needed most. Vehicles may become unsafe due to lack of PM or repair, and proper maintenance can help prevent litigation from negligence should faulty brakes, tires, steering or other vehicle malfunctions result in a vehicle accident.


   For more info visit Fleet Preventive Maintenance