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Full Service Automotive and Heavy-Duty Diesel Truck and Trailer Repair Facility

Alpha Fleet Service: We are offering Preventive Maintenance for your Fleet in the Greater Seattle Area in WA.

Brake Shoes

Car repair in Seattle WA

Brakes Service and Repairs, Brake System Service,

We, car repair Seattle WA, are your experts for brake repairs. Unlike many shops, all of our brake service can be done at your locations. This means our technicians not only perform all the diagnostics and troubleshooting, they also install brake shoes and drums at your place  with our equipment. Our auto repair Tacoma WA ONLY uses the highest quality brake parts for your repairs too, because cutting corners here can mean your car can take much longer to stop (plus our good quality ones last much longer). You can trust us because we proved by our work that we are specialists in car repair Tacoma.


D.O.T. Inspections

We are your experts for truck and trailer D.O.T. Inspection.

We can help keep your fleet of trucks or buses compliant by proactively scheduling and performing periodic safety inspections. Whether your fleet requires 90-Day or Annual D.O.T. Inspections, or both, we can perform the inspections anytime and anywhere it’s convenient for you, to help eliminate your fleet downtime. Our team of technicians features DOT Certified Inspection Mechanics that understand what is required for trucks to meet the inspection requirements.

We guarantee your truck will be fully inspected to the highest safety standard.


Repair automatic transmission in Seattle

Automatic Transmission Service and Repair

Our ASE Certified Technicians have great automatic transmission service and experiencein repair Automatic Transmission Seattle. This means we properly troubleshoot your transmission problems. Automatic Transmission Repair Seattle is vital because inexperienced transmission mechanics may misdiagnose your transmission problems. That could result in a very expensive transmission, rather than the service or replacement of a less expensive part.